Monday, December 15, 2008

Are you popular?

1947 educational video.

Are You Popular?
With the end of World War II, the wars at home began: women were forced to yield their wartime jobs to men; cities stagnated while suburbs blossomed; friends of the Soviet Union turned their backs on communism; and kids got to be kids again. Like their counterparts in other parts of the world, American youth bore the brunt of the nation's wartime social problems. While parents were shipped overseas or worked long hours in defense plants, kids were often left to fend for themselves. Many dropped out of school and took factory jobs. Juvenile crime and delinquency increased dramatically and were publicized as major social problems. Teenagers indulged in considerable sexual self-expression and made headlines for doing so, especially the "Victory Girls" who slept with servicemen. Finally, the young began to believe that nothing mattered, that the future was not worth living for.


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