Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back from my road trip. Boo.

I got back on Sunday from a super duper road trip with the bf.

Still can't get back into the groove of normal life.
Complicated by the fact that I am out of coffee right now...

To sum up the trip:

Day 1: Scarey imaginary bears + closed campgrounds.
Day 2: Wrong turns + darts + sissy face.
Day 3: Fish bellies + albino alligators + jelly fish
Day 4: Sizzling cast iron bowls + raw eggs in LA.
Day 5: Heuvos + beachy time.
Day 6: San diego sunsets + dinner with fam.
Day 7: Shooting stars + late night mimosas.
Day 8: Oatmeal + elephant seals + BIG SURfers.
Day 9: Golden gate bridge +turkey dinner + The Karen & Ellen letters.
Day 10: Home sweet home + kitty faces + cuddles


Joanna Goddard said...

great pics!

seralouise said...

those pictures are amazing ! omg !

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